About Us


An in depth understanding of the Salesforce Platform allows us to realize the full potential of a Salesforce partner.

Cyrus Cloud are a Boutique Salesforce Consultancy, who provide scalable and economic Salesforce solutions. Whatever your Salesforce needs are and whichever industry you belong to Cyrus Cloud’s Strategic Advisors and Consultants can help you realize the full potential of your Salesforce.

For the last 4 years our Consultants have helped several companies implement or upgrade their Salesforce infrastructure. Global or Local, Service or Sales and Marketing whichever area of focus you have, Cyrus Cloud is your apt and agile Salesforce Partner.

  • Launch

    Salesforce launch is crucial. We have launched 100s of projects however we understand that every project is different. Our learning from our prior engagements could give you that extra for a smooth launch.

  • Design

    Our Design will focus on maximizing the Salesforce potential. However we collectively analyse pros and cons of solution approaches with our clients. We aim to provide a Salesforce implementation that works for you.

  • Analyse

    Our thorough analysis is geared to bring our key pain point in your business workflow. We work together with your teams to build the backlog.

  • Validate

    Cyrus Cloud are known for their highest standards of engagement across the industry.

  • Discover

    To give us a smooth start we start by understand your business.

  • Our Team

    Our Team is a good mix of young talent and Industry Leaders. Cyrus Cloud is built up on the form foundation of Trust and Value. Talent without compromising the work ethics is our moto. We aim for a lean and efficient implementation in every project we underrake.

  • Mission

    To transform businesses and bring our customers closer to their clients and vice versa

  • Vision

    To become the world changer in the cloud computing space